"It is enough with just a few motifs for Inger Åhs to create an intensive atmosphere of longing to get away coupled with a light touch of sensualism. A scent of dreaminess is mixed in strongly expressed colour sensations centred around golden yellow, blue and pink. The blue flower of Romanticism hovers like a mirage in the distance, the flower which according to Novalis is never to be found in the here and now but always is far off, beyond the blue mountains.
------- Metaphysics is missing from this painting and strict geometrical forms are conspiciously absent. The degree of abstraction is more than a simple stylisation in the expressionistic manner. But thereby are opened the domains of the soul. Inger Åhs:s patches of colous and bodies of colour carry a meaning over and above what they depict. Behind the visible opens up a world of the invisible and the manifold, a rich world of feeling in which stories of fear, hope, sorrow and play, devotion and love are hidden.”

Quotes from critique by Kristina Mezei, VLT. Translation by Mark Boseley.

Inger Åhs

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