Inger Åhs

VLT 2009-02-27
Nature-motifs as Signs

There goes a quiver trough the exhibition of Inger Åhs at the Västerås Artists Associations Gallery. Beyond the paintings of nature there is a presentiment of breaking-up, desperation and reliance.
At first sight the exhibition contains nothing but nature images: sharpened travelling scetches, still lifes with simply focused motifs from beaches with shells, onions, frostbitten leaves, twigs with blossoms and sceneries from woods, clumps of trees with naked tree-trunks. It is autumn ,approaching winter.
But the mood is far from soothing, recognition and confirmation. Here it is not about reproduction. Much rather about getting a hold; something to keep and try to get on with. The nature-motifs become like the signs and the observations of nature relieve the tension. There is a wind shaking the crowns of the trees, the leaves on the ground seen to whirl in a whiches´dance. But the stains of water-colour and the play between strong pigmentation and running dissolution bears against a threatening chaos.
In a series she has scattered leaves and flowers. Coverings and savings creates shadows and sudden gleams of light. Splashes of paint are like sherds to collect. The motif is like an improvisation, an impromptu by Chopin.
Much to surprise is it not the blackness that dominates in spite that Inger Åhs has used a new black shade. Warmth, light and breaking-up is what remains in mind. It is an unreserved, generous and very personal exhibition.
Kristina Mezei (translation Sigrid Boosley)