Inger Åhs

To write ”about me” is like sitting in the quiet middle of the storm, listening to the stories of life whirling around like winds, trying to catch some.
After  graduating as a social worker at the University of Umeå I was active in my profession for many years. Soon after leaving Umeå I met my husband. We married and  went to Austria together. In Innsbruck we both studied at the University; my field was psychology.

Art entered my life during this stay; I joined a course in water-colour-painting, and got interested in the possibilities of the medium. My husband and I decided after a year, to go back to Sweden, where I became a student at Västeras Art School. Tore Hultcrantz was my teacher and leader of the school.
Our family grew when we adopted twin boys. During the first four years we took care of our sons at home. My husband and I both had part time jobs. Through the support of my husband I had the possibility to go on with my art studies during periods at the Gerlesborg  Art School in Stockholm and in Bohuslän. In Bohuslän I continued my studies of watercolour painting as  I had  Arne Isacsson and Philip von Schantz as my teachers.
At  the Academie Libre Course in Bohuslän I first met the artist Greta Sandahl. Together with her and the textile-artist Eva Stephenson-Möller I have travelled almost every year since then. We have made journeys to study art and to paint.

The travelling took me to Portugal, where I found a place that became special.  The last years I have been  returning to a small flat in the Ria Formosa as often as possible to paint and to get new ideas. I have taken interest in the ancient tile work from the region and have started to use tiles in my art.

During my professional career as a social worker I have had the opportunity to do the Diploma in Systemic Therapy at KCC, Kensington Consultation Centre, London. I still from time to time work as a systemic therapist  and a supervisor in a private setting in Västerås.

My husband died in the year 2008 in cancer. My life after that needed to start again from a new and different position.
New members now make my family bigger. Today, when I write this, I have a new grandchild to visit – he is my grandchild number seven.
And, a Portugese Waterdog is waiting for me in the Ria Formosa. She will keep me company  in my daily life for the years ahead.

Balancing family needs with art and profession has been a continuus challenge, for me as for so many women. Still, experiences from life feed my art. The stories of art and life are like winds, some gentle and some harsh.

Inger Åhs